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jupiter saxophones

Jupiter saxophones (both alto and tenor) are the preferred choice of countless schools across Australia, and with a 5 year warranty, will provide exceptional performance throughout a child’s years in the school music program.

Jupiter Alto saxophone

JAS500 Alto

Quality mechanism, robust construction and a 5 year warranty are combined with an instrument that is easy to blow and reach the high and low notes.  Superb student model for the long term.

Jupiter 767 Alto saxophone


Thicker metals for rigidity, ultra precise mechanism, and the ability to play with a wide dynamic range, this acclaimed model gets rave reviews.  Best upgrade saxophone under $2,000.

Jupiter Alto saxophone

JTS500 & JTS700 Tenor

Superb student model tenor saxophone, with all the great Jupiter features and a 5 year warranty.

Nuova saxophones

Manufactured by the builders of Jupiter’s famous instruments, the Nuova offers a reliable and free-blowing alternative for a student, at an affordable price with a three year warranty.

Nuova Alto Sax

This model sets a new benchmark for affordability, in a trusted maker.  Built by the makers of Jupiter, it will get a student off to a great start.  (Generally, up to around Gr7/8 at school, then we recommend upgrading).

Nuova Alto saxophone

Bond saxophones

The Bond Australia clarinet has been designed by an Australian for Australian student requirements. Including a deluxe case, twin barrels for ease of tuning, and a Bari mouthpiece, these instruments are great value for money.

Tenor Sax

The Bond is our most popular rental tenor saxophone, with great build quality and performance, in a robust backpack case for easier handling.  Great like-new options often available at around 1/2 new retail price!

Bond Tenor saxophone


The No.1 brand in school band programs in the U.K., and over 250,000 sold around the world. This premium student brand is available in Australia. 

jpo41 alto

The John Packer JPO41 is a traditionally constructed alto sax with high F# key and a beautiful consistent tone across the register. It is much more solid than many key brands for the money. 


jpo42g tenor

The John Packer JPO42G Tenor saxophone has a premium gold lacquer finish and solid construction combined with remarkable performance and tone

conn saxophones

beautiful golden saxophone

CS651 Alto

Conn, now a division of Conn-Selmer, is a famous American brand.  The classic Conn design and performance is embodied in this premium student model.  Great sax for the money.

CS651T Tenor

This tenor saxophone is built to the classic Conn specifications, and is a lovely instrument to play.

CS651T Tenor Saxophones

SELMER saxophones

From Paris to New York and throughout the world, the name ‘Selmer’ has been synonymous with quality saxophones. We offer a selection from both the Asian and the USA factories to suit all needs.

AS710 Prelude Alto saxophone

AS710 Prelude Alto

Student model from Selmer that offers a recognised brands and good student performance for a moderate price.

SE32 Alto saxophone

SEAS400 Alto

Semi-professional instrument, with French components in key performance areas.  The beautiful sound and ease of blowing you would expect from Selmer.

TS710 Prelude Tenor saxophone

TS710 & SETS400 Tenor

Affordably priced tenor saxophone, that delivers excellent performance for a student model.  Backed by the most famous brand in saxophone.

Trevor james flutes

trevor james saxophones

TJ3722G Alto Sax

Classic ‘The Horn’ series.  An excellent quality student alto sax that is robust, and with great tone.

TJ3722G Alto saxophone

TJ3821G Tenor Sax

Classic ‘The Horn’ series.  One of the best tenor saxophones a student can learn on, with ease of blowing the range of notes, and solid construction.

TJ3821G Tenor saxophone

YANAGISAWA saxophones

Japan’s premier saxophone specialist.  Amazing quality for those seeking a lifetime instrument.  Prices start from around $3,500.  Call us for a very competitive price if you are looking for a Yanagisawa alto or tenor saxophone.

Yanagisawa T 9937 saxophone

J. MICHAEL saxophones

J. Michael clarinets and saxophones have been featured in our rental program with schools and parents, and are reliable and proven performers. You can have good student quality at a very affordable price.


We usually have many instruments that may have been used for from 3 months to 2 years in private rental.  These cost-subsidised instruments will save you up to 50% on the new price, yet all come to you professionally serviced, sterilised, and guaranteed for 12 months.

We had a customer who bought an 18 year-old Yamaha clarinet on Gumtree for $300.  It needed a total overhaul, including all pads and corks replaced (around $600 in total, meaning he in reality paid $900 for an 18 year-old student instrument.  Don’t make this mistake – remember that ANY instrument purchased privately will need to be serviced and sterilised to be safe to play.  This will cost a minimum of $120, so always add at least this to a private buy price – and you still have no warranty!

about saxophones

Are you looking to buy a saxophone? Morris Brothers Music Store has a great range of both new and ex-rental (at great savings on new price) saxophones for sale. Combined with our friendly and knowledgable team of experts in store, it makes it so easy to buy saxophones with confidence.

With a wide range of Alto and Tenor Saxophones for sale or to rent, we are sure you will find what you are looking for, and at the right price. Come in and see us, or you can buy saxophones directly from our online store!

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