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jupiter trumpets

Jupiter is a Taiwanese company, founded in 1930 and is now the world’s largest band instrument specialist company.  Jupiter have won many international awards, are used by thousands of schools and institutions worldwide, and represent the best performance and value in student trumpets, trombones, flutes, clarinets and saxophones.  Morris Brothers, a family business dedicated to putting quality instruments into students’ hands at affordable prices, are proud to offer the Jupiter range at great student prices.

JTR 480L trumpets

JTR500 trumpet

Popular student model, built to Jupiter quality standards.  Easy for starters to blow.

JTR 606L trumpets

JTR700 trumpet

The choice of many teachers, far superior tone, volume and ease of playing a wider note range.  Designed to handle all needs to the end of grade 12.

blessing trumpets

Trumpet maker based in Elkhart, Indiana, which has built trumpets for over 100 years.  Blessing instruments are used in schools the world over, and are highly regarded for tone and ease of playing.

BL1124 trumpets

BL1124 Trumpet

Premium student model, with monel valves and rose brass lead pipe, cased in a deluxe backpack style case.  Popular rental model.

Blessing USA trumpets

Blessing USA Trumpet

Fully made in the USA, with long term durability, great tone and a flight-style case.

bach trumpets

America’s most famous and most trusted brand in brass instruments, and with quality models assembled in Asia, through to the fully USA-made experience, there is a Bach to suit every student.

TR600 trumpets

TR600 Trumpet

Upgrade model made in Taiwan, to full Bach specifications.  These trumpets use thicker metals, which are able to handle more air and provide a bigger, fuller tone.

305USA trumpets

305USA Trumpet

This advanced student instrument will show you why Bach is famed around the world.  Precision today in the USA factory provides a lifetime of playing enjoyment.

TR710 trumpets

TR710 Trumpet

Affordable student model, that is designed to be easy to blow and get a student off to a great start.  Also, will give great resale value when you upgrade.


The No.1 brand in school band programs in the U.K., and over 250,000 sold around the world. This premium student brand is available in Australia. 


The John Packer JPO51 is an easy blowing standard student trumpet with solid construction, so students can achieve a good tone with minimal effort


The John Packer JPO51S offers a very sweet tone, with an elegant silver plated body and exceptional construction, in a premium backpack style case

conn trumpets

52H Trumpet

This semi-professional USA-made model is world famous for those seeking a level of playability and dynamic range to transfer from school to performance for life.

Conn 52H trumpets
NTR3L Trumpets



With the build quality of a more expensive instrument (built by the makers of Jupiter), this is the most inexpensive instrument that will avoid the pitfalls of generic internet specials.

SCHAGERL trumpets

This Austrian specialist trumpet maker has worked closely with James Morrison to produce a range that works brilliantly for Australian playing needs.

421L Trumpets

421L Trumpet

Schagerl quality and performance in an affordable model with design input from James Morrison.  Will bring out the best in an aspiring student.

JM1 Trumpets

JM1 trumpet

James Morrison Jazz Trumpet. This superior trumpet will produce a dynamic and bold tone, ideal for jazz and solos.  Available in silver or lacquer.

JM2 Trumpets

jm2 trumpet

James Morrison Classic Trumpet. This superior instrument will produce a sweet tone, for classical or orchestral playing.  Available in silver or lacquer.

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Are you looking to buy a trumpet? Morris Brothers Music Store has a great range of both new and ex-rental (at great savings on new price) trumpets for sale. Combined with our friendly and knowledgable team of experts in store, it makes it so easy to buy trumpets with confidence.

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