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We carry a selection of drum and percussion brands covering over 30 kinds of instruments. These brands include Mano, DXP, Zildjian, Remo, Toca, and More.

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about drums & percussion

Drums and percussion can be expensive or hard to choose. Professional drum kits can cost thousands of dollars, and cymbals can cost hundreds of dollars each.  Unfortunately, it can be more difficult to choose a student drum kit (traditional or electronic) because there are now many poor quality options. Drum kits need to produce decent sound, and be able to handle a beating.  As a student and educational music specialist (with two drummers in the Morris family!), Morris Brothers selects kits to offer good sound quality and professional durability, at affordable student prices.

Our DXP 5 piece rock kit features quality shells and skins, heavy-duty double-braced hardware, chain drive pedals, and includes crash, hi-hats, stool and sticks in a great selection of colours, all for just $499.

In electronic drum kits, we offer the D-TRONIC rock kit with all the gear for $499, and the D-TRONIC PLUS electronic rock kit, which has superb sounds for just $649, including stool, headphones and sticks.

Our percussion selection includes congas, djembes, bongos and heaps of other hand percussion, featuring world famous TOCA instruments.  With percussion from $1.95, it is easy to put together anything from fun packs for the kids, through to superior performer’s requirements.  Schools’-grade glockenspiels start from $34.95, and we offer ‘direct-order’ discounts on higher grade percussion.  We also stock Vic Firth and Promark drumsticks.

For Toca, DXP and lots more quality and affordable drums and percussion options, make Morris Brothers your percussion destination!

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