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Drum kits

We order in the quality DXP Pioneer student drum kit, which is an excellent way to get into a well-built kit at an affordable price, available in a range of colours.  Call to check availability.

electronic drum kits

Student-level electronic drum kits are also available, with a range of different sounds and built-in kits, able to be played under headphones or through an amp. Call us to check availability on any drum kits.



Toca are one of the world’s finest djembes, endorsed by many of the world’s best players.  Using timbers like plantation mahogany, hand carved with traditional skins and rope ties, right through to colourful synthetic shell models, there is something to suit all players.

All Toca djembes are at great discounts – check out our range!

about drum kits & djembes

Morris Brothers have selected the best choices in both traditional and electronic drum kits to suit a beginner student.

These kits will give great sound quality and good reliability, until you are ready to step to the professional level.

drum kit

drum kit: DXP ‘Pioneer’ series 5 piece drum kit

This full kit includes everything you need to get started, including:

  • 6 ply shells (12″/13″/14″/16″/22″ bass).
  • All double-braced hardware.
  • Memory locks
  • Clear drumskins.
  • 14″ hi-hat and 16″ crash cymbals.
  • Drum stool.

Available in 7 colours, including 3D Blue and Laser Red.

electronic drum kit

Carlsbro 5 piece drum kit

All the professional features, with a multi-function Digitron LCD display, USB interface, tri-zone snare pad, natural rebound drums, cymbal pads with choke and adjustable filters, 250 voices voices, 20 full kits, and 20 demo songs.  With heaps of adjustability, and you can plug in your favourite music, it gives you everything you need to play every drum style.  Bonus drum stool and sticks for online orders.

Available in: Classic Black, and ‘In Your Face’ Green

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