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As a specialist music store in Brisbane since 2001, our team of musicians, teachers and repairers can help you make the perfect guitar and amplifier choice.


Morris Brothers’ team of musicians, teachers and repairers offer a range of amplifiers to suit students, schools and aspiring musicians.

about guitars & amplifiers

Morris Brothers has an extensive range of guitars & amplifiers for beginners and students, with a focus on quality and value for money. For those seeking a long term musical investment, we offer MATON, Australia’s no. 1 brand, proudly made in Melbourne using Australian timbers. We have great Maton prices, including free deluxe hard case and Maton leather guitar strap.

Morris Brothers focuses on genuine makers like CORT, TANGLEWOOD, and Takamine. These companies make or have made guitars for companies like Fender, Ibanez, Epiphone, Gretsch and Hohner, to name a few. You can buy a great guitar, without paying more just for the badge!

With Brisbane’s best guitar selection under $500, and great packages, our experts can help you make the perfect selection for your needs, be it a classical, steel string acoustic, electric or bass guitar.

VALENCIA classical guitars, the No. 1 in Australian schools, start from just $75. We also have great steel string guitars from $179.

We can explain the importance of the guitar’s action, solid and laminated tops, and all those questions you should understand. Click on, and check out some of our great choices.

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