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Kustom was a brand and trademark of Ross Inc, founded in 1964 in Chanute, Kansas.  Kustom were innovators in solid state circuitry, rather than the more common tube amps of the 1960s.  Many early Kustom amps are considered truly collectable today, and artists using Kustom include: Credence Clearwater Revival, Sheryl Crow, The Jackson 5, and The Carpenters.

Kustom has been based in Kentucky since 1999, and is particularly famous for their Sienna acoustic amps.

Check out the Sienna amps, and talk to Morris Brothers about your Kustom amp needs.

Kustom Sienna Acoustic Amps

These 16w, 30w and 65w models are the best acoustic guitar amps you will hear, and priced from $249, you don’t need to compromise.  They also take microphones.

For more detailed information on models and specs, visit www.kustom.com

Kustom Amplifiers
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