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Valencia, a brand started in 1972, offers incredibly affordable, yet well made classical guitars from under $100, in all sizes from 1/4 to full size.  They also offer a Hybrid model which is a full size body with a 3/4 neck, for those looking for a bit more comfort.

Cort offer exceptional guitars at an affordable price.  Rather than starting on a sub-$200 guitar with basic timbers and an uncomfortably high action, Cort are specialist builders that offer spruce/mahogany guitars for a much better sound, as well as a lower and more comfortable action (perfect for beginners) from $229.



Morris Brothers can give you a selection of electric guitar and amp packs from quality makers, from $299.  Including guitar, amp, strap, lead, tuner, lessons – even picks.

Our bass and amp packs give you a selection of styles and colours, with a 15w bass amp and all the accessories from just $399 complete.

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Stater Guitar is everything a new student needs, we know the importance of that ‘first guitar.’  Our selection of Starter Guitars is based on the best performance for your budget (big name brands are less important, as they generally outsource, not making their own instruments in this price range).

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