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Gliga Vasile is a Romanian violin maker based in Reghin, Romania, building to the authentic Stradivari design.  All are handmade and oil varnish finished to allow the violin to ‘breathe’ and develop full bodied tone.

All Gligas bought from Morris Brothers include professional set-up, deluxe hardshell case, upgrade bow and strings.

Gliga Cellos offer the same exceptional European-made quality for the aspiring student, priced from around $2,000.


enrico cello


Good satin natural finish alternative, proven in schools for many years.  All our Enricos are professionally set up. Excellent starter cellos.

Stentor Cello


Based on experience, the most outstanding instruments under $1,000.  They play well, and are very reliable.  Gloss finish, solid spruce top.



Our choice in student double basses, with robust and affordable choices.  We normally carry 3/4 size in stock, for sale or rental.


We usually have many instruments that may have been used for from 3 months to 2 years in private rental.  These cost-subsidised instruments will save you up to 50% on the new price, yet all come to you professionally serviced, sterilised, and guaranteed for 12 months.

We had a customer who bought an 18 year-old Yamaha clarinet on Gumtree for $300.  It needed a total overhaul, including all pads and corks replaced (around $600 in total, meaning he in reality paid $900 for an 18 year-old student instrument.  Don’t make this mistake – remember that ANY instrument purchased privately will need to be serviced and sterilised to be safe to play.  This will cost a minimum of $120, so always add at least this to a private buy price – and you still have no warranty!

about cellos & double basses

Morris Brothers have selected the Cellos & Double Basses with the highest performing models to suit student budgets, based on 15 years comparison experience, and test driving in our schools and rental program.  You can be sure to get the best quality and value, in instrument professionally set up to play perfectly.  You can buy or rent any size (hand if you are going to upsize in the near future!), so make sure to check out or selection first. 

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