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Gliga Vasile is a Romanian violin maker based in Reghin, Romania, building to the authentic Stradivari design.  All are handmade and oil varnish finished to allow the violin to ‘breathe’ and develop full bodied tone.

The Gliga series offer a range that are well worth an upgrade to, particularly in 3/4 or full size, and you may be surprised by how affordable they are. Gligas have three student models, priced to reflect your preference in timber grading, with the Gliga III under $500 (amazing for a quality European-made violin), and the mid-level Gliga II and the Gliga I (premium timbers) for under $1,000.

All Gligas bought from Morris Brothers include professional set-up, deluxe hardshell case, upgrade bow and strings.



Stentor violins are loved by schools and teachers for consistency, priced from under $230. All our models have solid spruce tops for great tone, quality fittings, and are professionally set up.  High gloss finish.


Excellent starter violins and cellos, all professionally set up. The Student Plus and Student Extra  series offer good quality at very affordable prices.  These have a matte finish, and are all professionally set up.

Ragetti Violin


Excellent student performance for just a little extra cost. Quality timbers with ebony fittings with technician set up for under $300. Probably the richest tone and best sustain of any violin we have tried that is made in China.

Montanari Violin


Violins featuring excellent timbers, from $200 to $400, ideal for students.

*Ex-rental and second-hand violins and cellos are often available at great discounts – just ask us!

about violins & violas

Morris Brothers select violins and violas with quality timbers, pegs and chinrests, to provide instruments with good tone and ease of tuning.  Many cheap online violins have very poor quality fittings, and may need substantial work to even play properly.  We have every instrument professionally set up to Qld schools’ standards, so you won’t have to worry about the playability.

Generally all sizes from 1/8 to 4/4 violins are in stock, and are available for purchase or rental, including an excellent selection of ex-rental and second-hand options.

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