At Morris Brothers, we love ukuleles!  With Brisbane’s best selection of hand-picked brands and models, you can join the craze sweeping the world, with the perfect ukelele for your taste and budget.

about ukuleles

All our staff play the ukulele, and can give you expert advice.  Did you know that ukulele is the easiest instrument to play, and many people who have never played an instrument before are having a great time on the ukulele.  Playing with friends, at one of our jam nights or with a group such as BUMS (Brisbane Ukulele Musicians Society) is both rewarding and fun.

We have choices starting from $28 (Mahalo in gig bag), and with a 20% discount on every ukulele over $100, you can compare and choose with confidence, at the best internet equivalent price.

With brands like LANIKAI (World’s No. 1 brand from Germany), TANGLEWOOD (UK), LAG (France), KOYAMA (Japan), KALA, MAKAI, MAHALO and more, we have soprano, concert, tenor, baritone, acoustic/electric, 6 and 8 string, banjoleles and more to choose from.  We even have a great selection of cases and bags, stands, tuners, capos, music books, straps and picks.

Compare for yourself – discover why Morris Brothers are ‘the’ place to go in Brisbane for the perfect ukulele.

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