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The ukulele is a unique instrument, so customize it with accessories for different looks and sound that reflect your unique personality.

At Morris Brothers, we appreciate that every ukulele player is individual, with all of our staff playing ukulele too.  To reflect your needs, we carry:

  • A selection of cases, from classic black, to vintage tween, aluminium flight style, and various leather looks.</p
  • The best range of uke straps in Brisbane, from classic solid colours, to earthy organic designs, bright stand-out patterns, and classic ‘Hawaiian’ looks.  Every strap is Australian-made!  Make your ukulele a fashion statement at Morris Brothers.
  • Your one-stop store, with a great range of uke stands, basic to deluxe padded gig bags, Aquila and Worth strings (from soprano to UBass), uke capos and more.
  • Fantastic range of ukulele music, from easy-to-play starter books to the latest and greatest music.
  • In addition we have: capos, tuners, Aquila strings, leather and felt picks, and more.

If you play ukulele, or are thinking of starting, come in to Morris Brothers.  Finding the right ukulele and accessories has never been so much fun, and of course, we have Brisbane’s best prices!

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