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AnueNue offers an exceptional banjolele, which we have set up for perfect intonation and feel.  It is complete with a custom hard case, and you get 20% off retail price at Morris Brothers.


The No. 1 choice in quality in starter ukuleles.  With a great range from $28 to $99, Mahalo ukuleles are well made, with geared machine heads and decent woods.  There is no need to buy a ‘toy’ or something unknown from the net, with the Mahalos available.  Check them out at Morris Brothers – lots of great colours!


Only recently discovered by us, these ukuleles are made with solid spruce and solid cedar tops, and are the most powerful ukes we have played for the money.  For a budget of under $250, come in and give them a play!

Designed by Michel Lag-Chavarria in his shop in the south of France, Lag guitars have become legendary, from the electrics favoured by some of the world’s top heavy rock bands, through to the acoustic guitars that scooped the American Awards in 2001, and sensational ukuleles.


The Lag range of ukuleles are rich in tone, look great and offer something unique. Check out the U44 and U77 series at Morris Brothers, all at our 20% off special pricing.

Morris Brothers is proud to present these award-winning instruments from a dedicated and passionate Frenchman, to our local market. The Lag range of ukuleles are rich in tone, look great and offer something unique. Check out the U44 and U77 series at Morris Brothers, all at our 20% off special pricing.

For more information on Lag and its products, visit www.lagguitars.com.au


Greg Bennett has a history of around 30 years as one of the world’s leading guitar designers, based in Nashville and working with companies such as Gibson.

Samick, a manufacturer of guitars based in Korean, with over 40 years experience, struck a deal with Greg Bennett to produce a line of guitars of exceptional quality, yet affordable price. The result is the Greg Bennett range of acoustic and electric guitars and ukuleles.

Morris Brothers, with a philosophy of bringing genuine makers at ‘direct to customer’ prices, are proud to offer Greg Bennet instruments to our customers. Some popular models include:

Greg Bennett Worthington Series

These exceptional acoustic and acoustic/electric guitars have solid spruce tops and Grover machine heads with striped mahogany back and sides. Priced from around $300, you would expect to pay at least twice as much for the ‘big brand’ equivalent.

Greg Bennett Series

Imagine: a quality, solid Sitka spruce top, mahogany back and sides guitar (dreadnought or folk style) from $229! Buying a junk guitar for $100 or $150 just doesn’t make sense, when you could have this for just a little more.

For more dedicated models and specification information, please visit www.gregbennettguitars.com


Koyama ukuleles were introduced to the world in 2008, from a development team comprised of industry veterans and ukulele lovers from around the globe.  From the affordable ’11’ series to the acclaimed ‘Roots’ engraved ukuleles in solid koa and solid mahogany, Koyama offers some outstanding instruments. Selected models on display at Morris Brothers Musical Store.


Anue Nue, Oscar Schmidt, Aria, Forge, and more. Selected models available, ask for details.

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