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Morris Brothers offers a wide variety of ukuleles in our Brisbane music store to fit any budget or skill level.

19+ Years of Experience.

Brisbane’s #1 ukulele instrument shop.

Various Ukulele brands, sizes and timbres available.


Over the last few years, playing the ukulele has turned into a trending craze sweeping the world. And with good reason.

Ukes are fun to play, and we have witnessed many who had zero experience with any musical instrument now having a great time playing the ukulele because of their easier learning curve.

At Morris Brothers, we have Brisbane’s best selection of ukuleles for sale. We stock the best brands in various sizes and timbres to fit a range of tastes and budgets.

All our staff play the ukulele as well and can give you expert tips and advice on which uke to choose and how to become a better player.

We are major uke advocates and regularly organise ukulele jam nights for you to join with your friends. We also give you access to other uke related groups and organisations such as the BUMS (Brisbane Ukulele Musicians Society) in and around Brisbane. 

Call us for any ukulele related questions. We would love to hear from you!


Ukuleles are a great first instrument.

It is enjoyable to play and has an easier learning curve than other string instruments. Additionally, it does not strain the fingers and wrists as much as alternatives.

Ukuleles are light and portable instruments, so you can take them anywhere and start playing wherever you are — no need for a lot of space or extended set up times.

They are also generally affordable and won’t be such a blow to your budget, especially if you check out Morris Brother’s selection for ukuleles for sale.

With just four strings, it is not that complicated to learn how to play. It is not intricate or intimidating, making it very accessible. Anyone can play, and it immediately brings a relaxing, fun, laid-back, and friendly beach vibes to any social setting.

Almost any song can be adapted for the ukulele, and there are numerous free resources on the internet on sheet music – as well as playing tips- available for you. Anyone can sound great with a ukulele.

Want to introduce your child to the Ukulele? Let us know! It is the perfect instrument for kids just getting started with music.


We carry the following Ukulele brands:

They come in various sizes – soprano, concert, tenor, baritone, acoustic/electric, 6 and 8 string, banjoleles, and more. We also have a great selection of cases and bags, stands, tuners, capos, music books, straps and picks. Need help in personalising your uke? Visit our store today and choose from a wide variety of accessories.

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